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Business Support


Maddie Riewoldt’s Vision have the same primary goal as Blake’s Army Limited Maddie Riewoldt’s Vision, a registered charity, raises funds for vital research to discover new treatments and ultimately cures for Bone Marrow Failure Syndromes. Their vision is that all Australians diagnosed with Bone Marrow Failure Syndromes get to live long, happy healthy lives. Maddie’s Vision has raised over $9.5 million to support a portfolio of 31 medical research projects in partnership with medical research institutes, hospitals and universities across Australia. But much more needs to be done! For this reason, approximately 70% of net profit will be directed to Maddie Riewoldt’s Vision to help them fund further vital research projects into Bone Marrow Failure Syndromes.

• Blake’s Army Limited will be setting aside approximately 20% of net profit to assist families affected by Bone Marrow Failure in a similar way that Red Kite, Canteen etc. do for families affected by cancer. Any unused funds will be directed to Maddie Riewoldt’s Vision.

• Blake’s Army Limited will also set aside approximately 10% of net profit as a “future fund” so that the charity can remain ongoing.

• Blake’s Army Limited is lean in its’ operation and currently 100% volunteer based. This will mean that of the money raised, a very high percentage will reach the advertised targets.


People in business possess the know-how to help guide each of the Blake’s Army Leadership Program teams in each of the three fundraising activities that they will perform throughout the year.

As leaders within the Blake’s Army movement, *businesses* that have donated to Blake’s Army Limited in support of defeating Bone Marrow Failure Syndromes as well as recognising and rewarding our Australian heroes being represented in the Blake’s Army Leadership Program, Blake’s Army encourage you to join us at the end of year Blake’s Army Awards & Gala Fundraising Night.

Tickets will be available to supporting *businesses* at the heavily discounted price of $80 per head which includes entry ticket, food, drinks and entertainment.

*Business must have donated $2000 or more to qualify*.

To Donate……………


Business support is critical to the overall success of Blake’s Army. 

The primary goal of Blake’s Army Limited is to eradicate the threat of Bone Marrow Failure….but our strategy needs your support!

The cornerstone of Blake’s Army is the Blake’s Army Leadership Program that has been designed by Paul Roos and his team at Performance By Design specifically to support some of Australia’s most critical front line workers and volunteers.

Blake’s Army Limited have created a “Blake’s Army Reserve” that these real Aussie heroes have registered to as an expression of interest to take part in the Blake’s Army leadership Program.

For each of the people who have registered to the Blake’s Army Reserve to be promoted to the Blake’s Army Leadership Program, Blake’s Army require donations……..donations that will be used to return fire on Bone Marrow Failure.

For every $2000 (fully tax deductible) donated to Blake’s Army Limited, one member of the Blake’s Army Reserve will be elevated to the Blake’s Army Leadership Program.

This doesn’t mean that every business has to donate $2000……you may only be able to afford $500…..and that’s fine because it is every time Blake’s Army Limited accumulate $2000, a member of the Blake’s Army Reserve will be promoted to the Blake’s Army Leadership Program.

Business Donations

In Australia, all donations above $2 are fully tax deductible.

Tax-deductible donations can also be made by direct deposit:

Blake’s Army Ltd

BSB: 633 000
Account: 188 640 353

Email [email protected] with a screenshot and we will send you the receipt.

Business Donations

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