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Blake’s Army – Summer Assault

For 7 years, Blake has fought the toughest of fights against Bone Marrow Failure.  As recently as October this year, it has been proven that Blake has a long battle ahead. At Blake’s Army, we have all been inspired by the strength that Blake has shown in face of grand adversity…..inspired to collectively push back on Bond Marrow Failure through our Blake’s Army Summer Assault. Some of Australia’s biggest sporting organisations as well as a number of incredible people and businesses have united to provide a platform where people from all around Australia can join us to “Raise The Fight” against Bone Marrow Failure! Together we have pulled together an incredible list of items that we hope will inspire YOU to join us in putting an end to Bone Marrow Failure once and for all! By purchasing a ticket(s) you agree to our Terms & Conditions This raffle is only available to those residing in NSW, VIC, QLD, WA and TAS.  

Congratulations to our winners!

1st Prize – Stephen Thompson

2nd Prize – Jude Bolton

3rd Prize – Belinda Johnston

Early Bird Prize – Andrew Firn

Lottery Started

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